Welcome to my property and real estate website! If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent, you’ve come to the right place. This user-friendly website has been specially designed to help you in your property hunt and property related matters with comprehensive real estate resources. Do share this website with anyone you know who is keen to buy, sell or rent properties in Singapore. If you are an Expat working here in Singapore, or have intentions to come here to work, we do encourage you to consider buying a place to stay rather than to rent a place. We will help you to do the calculation on the financing and legal parts needed for the understanding in owning a Singapore property. In our 15 years serving the Expat Community, we are happy to have saved and Made lots of money for our clients who have purchased years back and seen their properties' values grow over time, some as short as 12 months. You too. Just spend some time to talk to us about your wants and current situation. We will do our utmost best to make it better from your stay here in Singapore. After all, coming to Singapore the basic intention is to earn and make more money. For Foreigners who intend to invest in Singapore properties, now is as good as anytime. Singapore is advancing much faster than any other SEA country now, with its sound government and economic policies, the influx of more Expats and Permanent Residents with their families, the demand for housing is much greater now too. So do give us a call so that we can discuss on how to make your investments work for you.

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